ACF Mechanical

August 14, 2021

ACF Mechanical founder has put the freeze on admin work by integrating a Virtual Assistant

ACF is an Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services small business based in the inner west of Sydney, however, works all around the greater Sydney area. They work residential and commercial and obviously the period around summer is their busiest time.

Most small business owners know you often don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you are always ‘on the tools’ you don’t have time to conduct all the admin in the business. Quote management, invoicing, updating your CRM and tracking your workflow are all extremely important. However they are often the things that suffer when a business owner doesn’t seem to have enough time in the day. This is something that Andrew, founder of ACF knew well;

‘I felt like I didn’t have enough hours in the day. I enjoy being on the tools, however, to grow my business I needed to remove myself from the day to day activities and focus and increase sales, especially during the colder months where there is less focus on installation of air-con units.’

In any business, the biggest factor between success and failure can be the owner. Though the success of the business depends on their effort, the failure can also be attributed to the inability to systemise their business or to delegate general administrative tasks. By doing this focus can be placed on the areas that are of greatest importance to growth, like strategy, sales and product development.

‘Before the workshop, I conducted with ‘Trust the Process’ I was doing everything. , being on the tools, doing all the admin and only had a little time for business development, let alone my personal life. It was through this workshop that I realised that to truly grow the business I needed to be removed from the day to day.’

‘Trust the Process’ showed Andrew there was a different and easier way to do things. The workshop focused on mindset change, whilst also supported ACF in developing the following procedures which would free up his time and streamline his operations;

  • CRM management
  • Quote management
  • Invoice Management
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Referral programs
  • Lead generation through LinkedIn
  • Lead generation through databasing
  • Other general admin tasks

The above tasks previously all relied on Andrew’s input, and often there would be a time lag of almost two weeks to get a quote or invoice to the client. ‘Trust the Process’ has set up a system where these tasks could occur with minimal input from Andrew and on the same day.

Further, the integration of a Virtual Assistant to conduct these admin tasks allowed Andrew to leverage his time, with him saving almost 60% on what he would have to pay an Australian staff member.

‘The VA has been a game-changer, I can go do a quote on-site and through the procedure we have set up with ‘Trust the Process’, by the time I get back to the office, the VA has sent the quote. In the position I was in I never would have been able to afford an Australian admin staff, but now I plan to employ another 3 technicians over the next 12 months. ’

ACF has set itself the goal of turning over 4 million revenue by 2021 and Andrew is confident that with what he has set up and the support he has received from Trust the Process he can achieve this.

‘I extremely confident in achieving my goals, ‘Trust the Process’ has reduced my workload by over 10 hours per week. With this time I have already put in place a maintenance schedule to target existing customers and have increased the amount of business development and strategic planning I do so that I have the clients to hit my revenue goals. I would highly recommend Trust the Process.’